Who Are We?
Even though “humanitarian aid” campaigns that are run in countries dragged into disaster through occupation, civil war, poverty and epidemics are functioning as “bandage of wounds,” they are not enough to remove the reasons making people and geographies “in need of help.” It is a humane merit to recreation of geographies that are exposed to occupation and massacres; however, our initial duty is to put up a struggle against international structures dragging these geographies into chaos.
With such an understanding, we struggle against drug industry fed from global epidemics; Hollywood and global media manipulating societies and legitimizing occupations; popular culture creating uniform individuals; lobbies encouraging consumption and exploiting the sources of countries; global institutions such as UN, ICC, ECtHR, IMF and NATO that paving the way for occupations and genocides; weapons industry pushing countries into civil war via transformig ethnic and denominational differences into conflict.
Record Date : 13.12.2015
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