Methods of Activity
UHIM conducts its work with the help of responsible individuals who stand against violations by contributing with their art, education, labor, economic entity, talents and skills. 
UHIM is open to collaboration with all non-governmental organizations, professional associations, media organizations, and other agencies and institutions who want to fight against rights violations.
UHIM prepares reports and press releases on relevant designated fields of work, arranges meetings, prints periodicals and books, and organizes events that oppose rights violations.
UHIM uses “in situ observation”, “reporting”, “bringing to agenda”, “decoding” and other methods possible within the limits of legitimacy in order to fight against violations. UHIM maintains its works by the financial supports provided by donations, membership dues, funds and sponsorships.
UHIM uses all the instruments to keep the public attention to the matter and to contribute to the construction of civil and active initiative at this field.
Record Date : 17/12/2015
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