The New Scenario of the Occupying Powers: The aim is to manage perception; ISIS is just an excuse!
The New Scenario of the Occupying Powers: The aim is to manage perception; ISIS is just an excuse!
The New Scenario of the Occupying Powers
The aim is to manage perception; ISIS is just an excuse!
The Middle East, which is the most strategic region of the world in political, economic and cultural terms, is trying to be designed by the global system as it was a hundred years ago.
The West, which tries different methods in this direction, uses the civil wars, which are the basis for turning sectarian and ethnic differences into conflicts.
The invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, which took place after September 11, did not bring peace, democracy and freedom to the region, but on the contrary caused chaos, civil war and division.
As it has been for centuries, the West continues to exploit the resources of the region by acting for its own interests, not for the inhabitants. The process of starting with the invasion of Iraq and continuing in the Arab Spring and the civil war in Syria, people of different sects and ethnic origin living in the region are divided. The Sunni, Shia and Kurdish regions are trying to separate from each other with a bitter border.  The borders created during the First World War are reshaped in the interests of the global powers. While the global system is doing this, it still uses front organizations as before. In this process, peoples are forced to migrate en masse.
Since the beginning of civil war in Syria, the remaining number of people forced to migrate to Turkey in the same period the number of refugees who migrated to Europe too much. The following questions await response in this chaotic situation:
Who's gonna pay for the millions of people took refuge because of the chaos and civil war created, especially on the border of Turkey and other neighboring countries?
Is Turkey asked to be dropped in a difficult situation with more than 2 million refugees according to unofficial figures and is it drawn into the operation to be organized against ISIS?
Capitalist transformation and secularization, which cannot be realized even under the dictatorship, supported by the global system, are being tried to be carried out through ISIS in the region today?
With the perception created through ISIS, are new Islamophobic practices being tried in Europe?
The coalition forces led by the United States want to create new borders in the Middle East by using ISIS as an excuse?
The US and the UK want to exculpation without accounting for millions of people killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and want to pay the account of cover organizations like ISIS?
Gulf countries, which have been supporting the global actors' policies in the Middle East for many years, want to set an example for humanity with the negative perception to be created by pretending the ISIS and to prevent the development of a Muslim understanding that would pose a threat to their dictatorship?
Thanks to the perception created by ISIS, are the structures that can provide integrity in the Middle East to be sacrificed and marginalized in a mass understanding?
Is it being asked to turn a new leaf with the perception carried out against Islamic thought increased after 9/11?
Is the Sunni-Kurdish population in the region trying to be weakened/ disconnected with Islam by the perception created through ISIS.
Under the pretext of ISIS, is political climate of Turkey asked to be manipulated by ethnic and sectarian elements?
By means of the coalition created under the pretext of ISIS, is it desired to diminish Turkey’s political, cultural and historical forces in the region and to start a confrontation between Turkey and Islamic World?

PRESS RELEASE / September 25, 2014
International Center For Watching Violation of Rights

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