The Main Idea of World Humanitarian Summit : What Really Matters is to Get Rid of All The Factors Which Leads Aidless Geographies to a Chaos
The Main Idea of World Humanitarian Summit :  What Really Matters is to Get Rid of All The Factors Which Leads Aidless Geographies to a Chaos
Between 23rd and 24th of May 2016, World Humanitarian Summit which was carried out for the first time in the world hosted by Turkey, was completed. In the summit which UHİM delegations participated in, both the current issues in geographies that are in need of humanitarian aid and solution proposals were discussed in detail. There was an exchange of ideas with regard to works in humanitarian aid.
On the occasion of World Humanitarian Summit, we as “UHİM” are repeating the reality once again that humanitarian aid campaigns fall short of removing the reasons which make people and geographies aidless, even though those campaigns act as “dressing a wound”. In this summit, it is again proven that it is humanitarian merit to set those geographies on their feet and what really matters is to get rid of all the factors which leads aidless geographies to a chaos. Furthermore, it is strongly emphasized that the interests of global system is the primary reason of humanitarian aid.
In the Summit, those issues also came to the forefront;
* Humanitarian aids should be left out of United Nations veto power and embargo applications.
* Humanitarian aid works should be carried out independently of global powers’ instructions.
* Primarily, the mechanism for political solutions in hot spots should be operated and it should be aimed at preventing the circumstances which necessitate humanitarian aid.
* The coordination processes in works regarding to humanitarian aid should be strengthened.
* In the studies that are going on in this field, along with humanitarian aids institutions, the think tanks, which perform a task to uncover the truths in the field of violation, should take part as well.
It is expressed by United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki Moon that the necessity of annual humanitarian aid all around the world has reached to 245 million dolars by increasing twenty five times over the years. He stated “Unfortunately, the crises seem to be going on”. These numbers demonstrate that it is infeasible to get rid of the problems with the help of humanitarian aids.
In the speech of UN secretary-general Ban Ki Moon remarked that UN budget is supposed to be allocated to the crises such as natural disasters, however, instead, because of current conditions, it is obliged to allocate money from budget for human crisis. This situation is regarded as the result of the occupation and operations carried out implicitly or explicitly by global actors.
It is again stated by UN secretary-general Ban Ki Moon that the amount of donation requested from governments is not even %1 of their military spendings. This circumstance goes to show the dangerous situation that armament policies have reached especially after the september 11 attacks. It also confirms that there should be preventive works to be done in order to overcome the problems and bring the chaos to an end in the area where combat, civil war and occupation take place.
Record Date : 02.06.2016
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