Pentagon Politics Encourages Tel Aviv!
Pentagon Politics Encourages Tel Aviv!
Pentagon Politics Encourages Tel Aviv!
Our press release titled ''Pentagon Politics Encourages Tel Aviv!'' was presented to the public by Yusuf Şahin, UHİM Secretary General, a press conference held at our association center.
The Islamic world is rapidly drifting into chaos especially after the Arab Spring process. This situation is primarily seen as part of Pentagon politics. As a matter of fact, the rulers of the process escalate the chaos and support every development that will get the Islamic lands blood, drag it into the war and destabilize it.  This approach is clearly seen in Libya's occupation and division into city states the pretext of bringing down Gaddafi,  overthrowing the government elected by the people in Egypt, the initiation and provocation of civil war in Syria and inciting sectarian violence in the region over the Shiite-Sunni conflict.
On the other hand, the region is left to the initiative of secular groups with the perception created through ISIS. In this process, while religious structures within the Kurdish population were weakened, secular structures were supported. In this way, both are trying to spoil the peace of both the Islamic world and Turkey. The fact that hundreds of thousands of people died in Iraq and Syria, and that millions of people have become refugees, and that they support Kobani today despite the lack of interest during the occupation and civil war, is a continuation of the same understanding.
On such a ground, it is understood that Israel, which maintains its presence in the lands it occupies, makes its existence meaningful with violence and tension, and which takes advantage of the negligence of the Pentagon. For more than half a century, Israel has maintained a horrendous massacre in history on the Palestinian people and does not miss any opportunity. Israel, as an excuse for the heavy injury of a rabbi as a result of an armed attack, announced on 30 October that the Masjid al-Aqsa was closed to all Muslims until a second declaration.
While the freedom of worship of the Palestinian people has been restricted by the age limit for the period of entry and exit, the Masjid al-Aqsa has been completely closed for the first time since 1967.
In recent years, Israel has opened new settlements in illegal ways, implemented practices that will narrow the Palestinians' habitats, and the operations carried out in Gaza a few months ago, causing the death of more than a thousand people unfortunately did not attract the attention of international organizations and global actors.In the face of all this, international companies and Western global actors' unreliable attitude is clearly seen. In solving problems, especially Turkey and Iran have great responsibility in the Islamic society.
Therefore, we should leave aside sectarian conflicts and disagreements that make our region bloodshed and should hold on to our shared values and beliefs.
PRESS RELEASE / November 1, 2014
         International Center for Watching Violation of Rights / Istanbul
Record Date : 13.3.2019
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