Investigation of Global Culture Industry
Investigation of Global Culture Industry
The concept of “Globalization” has been one of the most critical issue of the World agenda from half of the 20th century to now. Technological developments which have been come into existance at the last quarter of the century, primarily internet and the media, have spread the effect of the “Globalization” to the far-flung corner of the World.
While the sociological, phiosophical, political and economical effects of the Globalization have been debated all around the World, practical reflections and results of the matter / issue can be seen clearly on the life of individuals and societies. On the other hand, the reality that the representatives who have prepared ideological ground of the globalization use some useful tools and try some methods in order to control both social and individual life is widely known today.
It has been tried to focus on the cultural and artistic results and reflections of the globalization in our study. Both positive and negative effects of “Global Culture Industry” on National Cultures have been opened to debate and ıt has been focused on the problems happened at these fields have been tried to detected and possible solution offers and suggestions in this study. So ıt has been consulted to the opinions and offers of the people from the World of Culture-Art, Academy, Non-Governmental Organizations and Policy.
If we take a look at to the opinions and comments of the participants, we will clearly see at first sight that, It is widely known that “Global Culture Industry” is an organization working for the political benefits and interests of USA and West in today. In addition, it is possible to see and understand 
from the comments and statements of the participants of this study, the West has the the intention to make the World monotip with the help of some tools such as cinema, tv, popular culture, fashion and tourism and International prestgious awards like Oscar and Nobel. Finally, the idea that Global Culture Industry destroy the National Cultures and Cultural Values which keep the ties of the people tight and which give them and identity and belonging will be seen clearly in our study.
On the other hand, ıt has been concluded from the comments of  the vast majority of the participants that they see the globalization process as a “Civilization Crisis”. It has been stressed that “Modernization and Westernization process” is a project that aims to the radical transformation / changing of the societies on political, economical and cultural fields. The situation which was seen in the societies exposed to the Modernization process should be evaluated as a result of that projects.
When we look at the ideas put forwarded for the solution of that matter, which was commonly agreed by the participants of this study, we will see a strong agreement on the opinions of the participants that the tools which are the most effective and important tools of Global Culture Industry such as cinema, tv should be used in order to protect and enrich the National Cultures. Participants in our study suggest that while putting solution offers into practice it should be produced and created art works, scenarios, films, cartoons, theatres which were suitable for the fundamental principles and values that make up our own culture. At the same time, both artistic fields which entered to the life of our society with the modernization process and artistic fields which belong to our civilization should be cared aboout and suitable tools should be used in order to convey culture – art works to young generations. It has been stressed that it is must to create an authentic wording which is able to take position out of the magnetic field of the Global Culture Industry, which has power-based style, wording and methods.
Record Date : 4.10.2017
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