Economic Sanctions as New War Weapon
Economic Sanctions as New War Weapon
Bloodless war be continued for 70 years: “Weapon of Sanction”
Iran has been fighting with embargo series since took a step to nationalize its oil in 1951. With the new sanctions imposed in November 2018, the imperialist forces proved that they added economic sanctions as a new weapon to its plans which wanting to embezzle Middle East’s wealth to itself with ethnical and sectarian conflicts.

As we have seen in earlier examples in Japan, Africa and the Middle East, Western imperialists resort to various “weapons” for conceal their colonialism. The West which did brutal actions to Japanese community with a discourse about “scientific experiment”, caused conflicts between African communities to capture the resources of the region and put Middle Eastern societies in so-called “spring” for locate its stooge in this region, aims to provide the hegemony over Iran with economic sanctions that are Trump’s favorite weapon and intimidate other countries.

Iran is important for West because of its strategic importance and rich natural resources. With these sanctions, it is aimed that the economy of the country will be collapsed, imprisoned within its borders and occupied with internal problems. With this method, the West will be able to both provide the resources it needs from Iran in a cheap way, realize its strategic plans without risk and maintain the interests of allies in the region.

The invoices of sanctions which are used for carry out plans without using a weapon, throwing bombs, shedding blood and getting reaction, is made out the region and Iranian society. With the economic bottleneck, it is aimed to drift Iranian society into a slow, silent and bloodless misery, at creating a social conflict environment and outbreak of political crisis. We have seen examples of this simple plan before in Turkey and yet, we continue to live.

Behind of pretexts such as “creating world peace (!), eliminating dictators (!), disciplining an aggressive state (!), protecting the people from cruel rulers (!)”, there is the fact that the US and its allies only care about their own societes. The US and the Western world, pushes countries into chaos in parallel with their interests, forces millions of people to migrate and become refugees by weapons such as occupation, civil war, economic sanction. In addition to these illegal and inhumane approach, Western societies remain silent on the     resources taken from innocent societies with made-up reasons.

This silence against the imperial powers which working only for the welfare of their own communities must abolish and things shouldn’t watch with the selfish consideration like “It don’t takes a toll on us and that is enough”. The peoples of the world must stand in the way of these sanctions and express that they are aware of these memorized plans. In Turkey, we must be in solidarity with Iranian society against these sanctions.

PRESS RELEASE / November 12, 2018 (Monday)

Record Date : 13.11.2018
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