World Report On Violations Of Rights 2017
World Report On Violations Of Rights 2017

The 2017 edition of the "World Violations of Rights Report", which is regularly published by UHIM every year, was introduced at the  press conference held today. Press release was presented to the public by UHİM chairman Ayhan Küçük, writer Mevlana Idris, sociologist Hatice Ekinci Topal and economist-writer Fevzi Öztürk.

The Rise of the Far-Right in Europe

With the impact of the economic crisis that broke out in 2008, the discontent of refugees in recent years have created fundamental dynamics in the rise of far right in Europe.
The votes of far right-wing parties in the recent general elections in Europe are as follows;  Austria 24%, Denmark 21,1%, Finland 17,6%, France 13,6%, Netherlands 13%, Sweden 12,9%, Switzerlans 30,7, Hungary 65,1%, Norway 16,3%, Poland 46,4%.
The social and political transformation in the West has evolved into another dimension as the British nationalist response to withdraw from the EU with a referendum decision and the subsequent election of Donald Trump who won presidential elections in the US with anti-Islamic rhetoric towards at the end of 2016. In this process, Trump's "travel ban" for the citizens of six Muslim countries which was the sharpest manifestation of the US' view of Islam and Muslims.
This recent "furious" rise had been described as "the Fourth Extreme Right Wave" in the West, can be explained with two fundamental reasons: the refugee issue and the 2008 Global Economic Crisis.
Regarding the rise of “far right” ideas, the only indicator is not the increase in the voting rates of political parties. In recent years, serious increases have been observed in the attacks and criminal acts carried out by far right-wing individuals and groups.
As a matter of fact, in the first quarter of 2017, more than 200 Muslims were attacked in Germany, women were denigrated because of their veil, and private properties belong to Muslims were destroyed.  
Muslims living in the UK are also exposed to similar prejudices in their business and social life. The number of racist and Islamophobic attacks which totaled 3.886 in 2016, have increased by 41% i.e. 5.848, in 2017 in UK.
France was memorized with discriminatory policies carried out by the government against refugees and racist attacks on refugee camps in 2017.
A Year of Contradictions
Although global actors give directives to the world through concepts such as democracy, freedom and human rights, they are applying the politics they criticize. US visa applications, state of emergency in France, security laws in England and immigration laws in Germany are the clearest examples of this issue.
All researches are conducted by public institutions and independent NGOs show that the discrimination and violence are experienced by Muslims increase in the US and Europe. All this data reveals that the West has contradicted the values which it claims to have.
While the world agenda engages in Syrian, Iraqi and Palestinian issues, the massacres and genocides occuring in Arakan, Patani, and Moro are not paid attention even by the Islamic World.
The US will spent 400 billion dollars on nuclear energy in the next decade. 93% of the world's nuclear weapons, which is approximately 10 thousand, are ready for immediate use belongs to the US and Russia. However, they put forward Iran, Pakistan and North Korea as the greatest nuclear threats.
The financial balloon being inflated by the capitalist system is about to explode. The US, China and Japan which are known as the world's largest economies, have reached 63 trillion dollars in total debt.
A Year of Social Desieses
Islamophobia which has been gradually rising and reached a dangerous point each and every year, with a more accurate expression anti-Islamic attitude, has become a mental illness for Western society. 
The popular culture which has been created by the global culture industry through various channels continues to drag all humanity into an identity crisis.
Today, there are more than 1 billion smokers, 600 million obese, hundreds of millions addicts and alcoholics in the world as a consequence of the applications of the global system which afflicts humanity. Humanity is struggling with physical and mental diseases altogether.
Billions of youngs have fallen into the clutches of technology addiction via digital games with violent and obscene contents. The time spent on digital games in only one day in our country is 52 million hours.
A Year of Hypocrisies
The US sent 4 thousand trucks full of heavy weapons to the terrorist organizations in Syria which are all against Turkey, a strategic ally of the US.
NATO introduced Turkey's founder M. Kemal Ataturk and its current president Recep Tayyip Erdogan as enemies and as targets, in a military exercise in which Turkish officers to participate.
A number of contracts to solve environmental problems have been signed, but none of the Western states fulfill their obligations arising from these contracts.
A Year of Double Standards
Although Turkey is one of the world's least polluting countries, the US, Russia, China and Germany, as the most polluting countries, want to put Turkey in the same equation with themeselves.
The social media networks which do not meet the demands of Turkey, instantly welcome requests from European states. About 10 thousand Facebook accounts belonging to Turkish citizens for most of its part were banned just before the elections in Germany.
The global pharmaceutical industry monopolizes the development of new medicines through patent contracts. However, it prevents the development of national pharmaceutical industry in countries like Turkey and production of cheaper drugs.
There are currently 444 nuclear reactors in the world, and 64 nuclear plants are still in production. 99 out of these are located in the US and 58 in France. In France, 77% of the country's energy is supplied by nuclear energy. But the construction of the nuclear power plant in Turkey is introduced as one of the world's biggest environmental problems.
Environmental pollution takes 10 million lives every year. People who lost their lives are mostly from countries with low and middle income. However, the responsibility in this regard is to be loaded on the victims instead of Western states and companies which are the main problem makers.
The invasion policy of the global system is not limited to only military interventions. Societies are exposed to exploitation and manipulation in many areas such as culture-art, health, environment, economy, media and education. Global powers are preventing us from seeing the whole picture via the agendas they themselves have created for their own interests.
Record Date : 30.1.2018
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