World Report On Violation Of Rights 2014
World Report On Violation Of Rights 2014
We have left behind a year full of violations in all areas of life. Let's look at what happened in 2014:
Politics - Law
In 2014, hundreds of racist and Islamophobic attacks took place in many European countries, dozens of mosques were set on fire. Especially after the perception created by the ISIS pretext, there has been a significant increase in Islamophobic attacks.
In Germany alone, over 10,000 racist and anti-Islamic attacks organised in 2014. European Muslim politicians are forced to leave their country due to threats. Research shows that Islamophobia is not based on fear but hostility. Under the rule of the Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama, the US has attacked 7 countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Syria and Libya. In 2014, Israel used a bomb equivalent to two nuclear explosives and slaughtered thousands of innocent civilians.
Although Amnesty report says Israel committed 'war crimes', no sanctions were applied. Western states prefer to see these bloody operations the right to defend themselves.
It was claimed that Germany wiretapped to 80 countries including Turkey. It reasoned that because Turkey is not a friendly country.
Fransa's acting as if it was withdrawn, but nevertheles it's still collecting billions of dollars in colonial tax from its former 14 colony.
China promoted a policy of assimilation in East Turkestan and even banned fasting.
International institutions and organizations are applying double standards against Turkey.
HUDOC has accused of Turkey because of Cyprus Peace Operation and fined 250 million. Northern Iraqi oil reached Turkey, all region and Turkey were tried to destabilize .
About 50 million of the 3 million refugees in the world that settled in Turkey but Turkey's humanitarian aid is ignored by the international community. In contrast, The West accepts refugees only for their benefits.
The greatest threat to war victims is the human traffickers and modern woman trade.
Although the animal rights speech is used as a political argument, the largest animal massacres take place in developed countries. Hundreds of whales hunting in Norway and Japan this year. In the seal slaughter in Canada, they kill the seals with smashing their heads so that their skins cannot be damaged for the sake of luxury consumption.
Europe is dumping its toxic wastes to Africa. Western states are turning the oceans into toxic wastes. In China, one-fifth of agricultural land is polluted by toxic industrial waste.
Hundreds of thousands of people die each year due to malaria, the world focuses on Ebola virus in 2014. The experiences of avian flu and swine flu suggest the question that is Ebola a new manipulation of the pharmaceutical industry?
Hundreds of thousands of people pass away every year due to the side effects of drugs. Antibiotics no longer affect. Studies in the field of medicine are financed by the pharmaceutical industry. Drug consumption is alarming all over the world. The situation of Turkey is terrible: 2 billion annually consumption on all drugs.
The cesarean birth rates rised to 50.4% in Turkey. This rate is three times higher than the World Health Organization (WHO) data. According to UN data, there are 250 million drug addicts in the world. Especially in recent years, the trend towards pharmacological drugs and synthetic drugs is increasing.
The organ mafia is following the Syrians. Syrians who have left their country because of the civil war, organ traffickers and human traffickers are caught.
Art - Culture
The Nobel Peace Prize continued in 2014 to legitimize the West's occupying policies. In the process of Arab Spring, while the policy of redesigning the Middle East with the discourse of freedom and democracy was carried out, Tawekkou Karman was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize as the popular face of the process. The award was given to Malala Yusufzay, a 17-year-old girl who was shot by the Taliban in Pakistan this year. Thus, although the United States has been killing civilians for many years in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Malala has been rewarded for the purpose of creating a negative perception of Islamist terrorism in the world public opinion.
Hollywood continues to film for the purpose of world politics. John Rizzo, Former Acting General Counsel of the CIA, admitted in his memoirs last year that many Hollywood stars were agents for the CIA.
Due to the chaos and the civil war in the Islamic region, the historical heritage is being destroyed and the cultural remains are being erased. 15 thousand historical historical monuments have been smuggled out of the country in Iraq invasion, and this situation is still continuing in Afghanistan and Syria.
Global actors and Western international companies continue to exploit Africa. 80% of the 60 million hectares of land that has changed hands in the world is located in African countries.
The states, which are politically and economically stable, are trying to be drawn into the global economic and political crises. The games played in Turkey in 2013, was repeated last year in Brazil, Pakistan and Nigeria. In this process, IMF, World Bank and credit rating agencies played important roles. In this manipulative atmospher while central banks have to raise interest rates, the interest rate reached the highest level in Brazil and Turkey.
Apple and Microsoft companies, which make production mostly in Asia, run the workers 16 hours a day. Also Twitter earns hundreds of millions of dollars without paying taxes because it has offices in only 14 countries. More than 1 billion people in the world live under $ 1 per day, 800 million people face hunger problems. On the other hand, the greatness of the total wealth of the world's 50 largest banks corresponds togross national product (GNP)-  of 187 countries in a year.
While Media companies broadcasting Gezi Park protests and was sending war correspondent in Turkey, ignored the disproportionate force used in events in the United States, Britain and Germany.
Discussing the democratization of the elections during the Mursi period, the global media ignored the military coup in Egypt.
Reporters Without Borders (RFS) organization unfairly criticized Turkey in the 2014 report. The report emphasized the Gezi Park protests, but not mentioned the unlawful practices of press members during Ferguson, London and Hamburg events. Germany, which has cut the cable broadcast of TRT, was ignored. The question that logically arises is, What limit does RSF not recognize?
The perception of Islamic terrorism created by the Western media under the pretext of ISIS turns into a great wave of hatred towards Muslims in the US and European countries.
While the global media targeted Muslims in the September 11 attacks, this time, Islam is being targeted.
Western media continue to ignore the massacres and genocides of the world. The massacres of China's in East Turkestan, Israel's in Palestine and Myanmar’s in Arakan did not attract international media attention this year.
While Twitter gave an affirmative response to France’s request to remove 350 million tweets containing anti-Semitism,  it did not take Turkey’s request seriously.
Twitter which has responded positively to France's demand for deleting 350 million anti-Semitic content tweets, rejected Turkey’s demand.
Western educational models are fundamentally changing the perception of people and society! The schools and rules are blessed, human being is thrown into the second plan! Textbooks feed the perception of modern Europe. The approach of Western education aims to develop ”modern slavery“ not ”good personality’’!
Islamophobia hampers the education of Muslim children living in Europe. Muslim immigrants of education age are directed to schools that eliminate the possibility of going to a university on the grounds that they need special education.
Due to the changes of education and examination system frequently, Turkey has become a exam-weary country. Almost every year, changes in the education system or exam system cause major problems.
History - Society
Yet whilst the subject of violence against women is used as a tool by the Western states for holding account of developing countries, including Turkey, The Report on Violence Against Women published by EU Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) deny this. The report proves that one out of every three women in EU countries has experienced physical and sexual violence since the age of 15. The number of divorces is growing at a very high rate, the family unit is weakining, and the family is being replaced by partnership.
The television series continues to ignore the moral values for the sake of rating. The series takes the place of evening hospitality, chats, and reading habits, and thus trying to legitimize illegitimate relations.
With the capitalist system, the face of cities is changing rapidly, individuals and societies are deviated from the values of their own civilization. While neighborhood is being destroyed with skyscrapers and residences, shopping malls which are opened every day, change the shopping habits and destroy the bazaar culture by this way.
You can find detailed information about the violations in 2014 in our report. With the wish of a world without violations…

         International Center for Watching Violation of Rights / Istanbul

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