Who Waters Trees Of Gezi Park?
Who Waters Trees Of Gezi Park?
Demonstrations started upon sensitive attitudes of people to the city and environment in which they live acquired a different ground in following days and transformed into a national movement against the government. At that step, some points such as continuous and frequent explanations done by Western states regarding the process, interest of national and international media to the events and active use of social media became influential.   
In the focus of demonstrations lasting for three full weeks there appeared some objections like that governors hold a totalitarian understanding, lifestyles of people have been intervened and that social demands have not been taken into consideration. On the other hand, harsh intervention of security forces to demonstrators in especially first days of the protests caused a reaction among those segments of society who did not share the same views and thereby became influential in prevailing of the demonstrations. 
On the other hand, the claim that the protests are an operation of the global system that gets annoyed of that Turkey has been on increase recently in various fields was also voiced as a dominant view. 
We hope that this report that was prepared regarding the events by our committee’s observations and tried to deal with the process in different aspects makes a contribution in understanding of the process of Gezi Park. 
We give our condolences to families of those who lost their lives during the happenings in Gezi Park and wish speedy recoveries to all the injured security officers and demonstrators. 
Record Date : 21 - 6 - 2013
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