Who is the contractor of France’s so-called intellectuals?
Who is the contractor of France’s so-called intellectuals?
In the French Manifesto titled “Against the New Anti-Semitism”, written by Pascal Bruckner and published in the France’s Le Parisien newspaper on April 21, signed by former French President Sarkozy along with three former prime ministers and 300 so-called intellectuals and politicians from right-left ideology; is alleged that Muslims carry out an “ethnic cleansing” activities intended for Jews.

In the statements suggested that “French Jews face the risk of being attacked 25 times more than French Muslim citizens” and also claimed that “50.000 Jews are forced to emigrate because they are not safe in certain cities and their children cannot go to school anymore”. The manifesto demanded that “The struggle against anti-Semitism, which became a democratic weakness in France, should be mainteined as a national case” and its most unreasonable part is, as it comes to the agenda, requests for removed some verses (claimed to encourage hatred against Jews) from the Quran.

What does this manifesto mean?
  • First of all, it is worth noting that Western civilization is in a state of intellectualdryness and delusions, especially in recent years. In this context, this manifesto should be considered as a reflection of this mood.
  • The point where the Western group that calls themselves intellectuals, politicans and academians have come, is highly disappointing and reactionary point of view for the future humanity.
  • This understanding which ignores the Islamic world and does not hesitate to denigrate people’s religious, ethical and sacred values for the sake of their own global interests and strategies, has consciously ignored the fact that the Jews who had beed subjected to massacres and genocide 500 years ago, were rescued by Muslims and the direction of the Holy Qur'an.
  • When we remember that the biggest massacre the Jewish communities in the history was carried out during the Second World War in the heart of Europe, we will have a better understanding of this hypocritical understanding.
What do they aim with this manifesto?
  • The Western world cut the way for interest in Islam (At a time when interests in Islam in the West peaked) with perception-shaping operations carried out via terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda and ISIS. And now, are they aiming to create a new wave of “oppression and terrorist organization” by encouraging hatred towards Islam and Muslims with the implemented policies and the used language?
  • It is also noteworthy that this manifesto published just before May 14th, when the US plans to move the embassy to Jerusalem. Are they want to suppress possible reactions of Muslims or intended to add fuel to the fire with these provocative steps?
  • Refugees taking shelter in Europe are exposed to inhumane treatment. Are they tried to ignore this reality with creating an artificial agenda?
  • Let's leave aside the period from 2006 to the present. Israel have killed many Palestinians just in one day, as the number of Jews who have been persecuted in 12 years. In the middle of this bitter truth, does this manifesto want to legitimate this persecution?
  • Are they want to cover the victimizations are experienced by Muslims who have been subjecting to violence in Europe, where dozens of mosques were burned, Muslim women were insulted in the streets, even lynched, people were not hired because of their names and children are harassed in schools?

PRESS RELEASE / May 9, 2018 (Wednesday)

Record Date : 13.11.2018
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