We Are Together But You?
We Are Together But You?
Our press release titled "We Are Together But You?" was presented to the public by Metin Kutlubay, a member of the Board of Directors at the UHİM association center.
Our young country which is one of the most important representation centers of our civilization, has not provided a good example in terms of state and nation relations over 92 years of history. This has been the backbone of foreign power’s policy to control the future of our nation.
A number of events taking place in Turkey and in the world such as; The events of Gezi park, the provocations of 17-25 December, and finally the events that are caused by a party subcontracting to global powers by their discourse,in the recent elections Show that, our country needs us.
We are saying;
We are together as individuals living in our geography. We live the same culture, we breathe the same air, we suffer the same pain, we feel joyful about same things.
And we ask;
So you; although your political past is packed with practices that ratify the status quo of the coup, today are you advising to be democratic!
So you; subcontractors of the global system that are trying to antagonise each of us by separating us who have lived fraternally for centuries!
So you; who have been defending the ethnic nationalism as heroism for years, and who, with this attitude, are backing the global system!
So you; intellectuals who are in love with the West who have been humiliating and looking down on the public since the Rescript of Gulhane!
So you; media bosses who see only what the global system says!
So you; groups of capital exploiting the resources of the country with political intervention and economic manipulations!
Are you breathing this air? Can you share the same feelings with us?
At the moment, elections have become an important threshold for our country's roadmap. It is a known fact that especially the achievements obtained in political and social sense are not easily obtained and it is a fact that there have seen many hardships in this process.
A process that harms stability at a time when the our environment is confronted with religious, ethnic, political turmoil will lay the groundwork of our country and can be easily manipulated by global structures.
"WE” want to draw attention to this.
PRESS RELEASE / 04 June 2015 Persembe
International Human Rights Violation Monitoring Center / Istanbul 
Record Date : 14.4.2018
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