Voters Should Not Be Handed Over To Bureaucratic or Politics Tutelage
Voters Should Not Be Handed Over To Bureaucratic or Politics Tutelage
Voters Should Not Be Handed Over To Bureaucratic or Politics Tutelage

Our press release titled “Voters Should Not Be Handed Over to Bureaucratic or Politics Tutelage” was presented to the public by Yusuf Şahin, one of the director UHİM Advisory Board, a press conference held at our association center.

The relationship between the government officials and the society is a matter of vital importance for a healthy governing. In democratic governors, units and terms of references are clearly defined, and the governing is left to the political authority to which the power of attorney was given by the people's choice. Besides, a number of bureaucratic and military structures have been established to assist political institutions in the state structure. However, sometimes it is seen that the military and bureaucrats take part in the field of political institution by crossing their own duties and responsibilities. This situation causes irreparable damage to society. In our recent past is full of suchlike painful examples.

Before the upcoming general elections, it is observed that bureaucratic staff has a great tendency towards politics. The bureaucrat, who works in numerous fields such as law, education, security and economy, is in process of resigning to become a candidate especially from the ruling party leads to the danger of bureaucratic approach being carried to politics. This situation endangers for the pluralistic- participatory management approach, carries the risk of feeding uniformitarianism, weakens the representation skills and determinant power of the parliament.
Bureaucrats were given some privileges to better fulfill their responsibilities in state administration, but these privileges were used against society, and in time bureaucratic/political gains were transformed into an instrument of profit. Thus, bureaucracy has gradually become distant from the society and it’s problems. It is not difficult to predict the consequences of this relocation approach in political area that harms society, even within its borders. This understanding, which separated from the public, sensitivity to the problems of the society has been damaged, and elitist, to find a place in political mechanisms for itself will more open the distance between public and management. This will lead to strengthening of the authoritarian and oligarchic structure again that our nation is trying to get rid of.

Today, the most important problems we face in the field of government is the loss of social sensitivity concerns of politicians when they acquire administering, and using political power over society although the source is derived from the society. At this point, it is clear that the bureaucratic approach will pose a greater danger to society when it gains political power. At the same time the politicization of bureaucracy is more dangerous than the bureaucratization of politics. Yet the bureaucrats, who will return to their former position after the election, will now have the risk of acting with their political identities and using public power. As a matter of fact, the most common situation in this respect is that the bureaucrat who is a candidate for the ruling party is inclined to utilise this situation for more higher(!) positions unless they can be elected. Under the circumstances the other bureaucrats are victimised unjustly.
In order not to make an alienated to society, elitist and uniformist sense of rule is:

  • - Bureaucrats must continue to their fundamentaly duties within the boundaries of their work.
  • - For the existence of the participatory democracy, the impact of civilian thought on government should not be restricted.
  • - After the candidacy, the inequalities caused by remitting of the differences between workers and civil cervants, should be eliminated. While workers have a right of remitting civil servants not.
  • - Resignations for the elections and returns in post-election process should be based on certain criteria. It is necessary to prevent the return of the persons who have used their political preferences and lost their objectivity to the bureaucracy or to limit the areas in which they will be employed.
  • - Theoretical thinking in state administration should be made efficient by practical politics.
  • - Intellectuality and social experience should be considered in the ion of bureaucrats to be included in civilian politics.
  • - In the upcoming elections, the ballot box should not be left to bureaucratic tutelage while the candidates for the election of deputy will be offered to the choice of society..
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