The Western World Must Face Up To The Fundamentalism It Created
The Western World Must Face Up To The Fundamentalism It Created
The Western World Must Face Up To The Fundamentalism It Created
Our press release "The Western World Must Face Up To The Fundamentalism It Createded for Its Own Benefit", which we prepared for the armed attack at the office of Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine in Paris, was presented to the public by our director, Ayhan Küçük.
Twelve people were killed in an armed attack at the office of Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical magazine that has published many opprobrious and provocative Hz. Muhammad cartoons. It is claimed that the attackers targeting Charlie Hebdo are Muslims of Algerian origin.
Whatever the reason, such an attack targeting civilians  is unacceptable. However, this attack and its background in the shadow of rising of islamphobia in Europe, which has been growing in recent months, should be thoroughly evaluated in the light of the perception created especially under the pretext of ISIS. The identification of this terrorist attack with Islam, because of the identity of the alleged assailants, shows the West's diseased soul.
As we have experienced similar examples before, If the perpetrator is a member of the Islamic religion in individual cases, the approach of declaring all Muslims guilty is repeated in this case.
But there's also a flip side to that is necessary to take a look at the events that are happening on the world and continue to happen every day, every hour. With the operations of many Western countries, primarily the governments of the US, civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq are being slaughtered every day.
Civilian settlements in Pakistan are being bombed by the unmanned aerial vehicles, and hence innocent children, women and the elderly are being killed.
Within a few weeks, operations led by France, more than 50,000 innocent civilians were massacred in Libya under the pretext of handing over Gaddafi.
For more than half a century, Israel has been strictly committed to genocide in Palestine. Israel used 21,000 tons of explosives equivalent to two nuclear bombs in operations carried out only in 2014, almost all of which targeted civilian areas, schools, hospitals, places of worship and housing.
Very recently, Russia murdered 250.000 people in Chechnya, regardless of gender and age.
China has been carrying out genocide for centuries in East Turkestan, which was captured by the occupation, and a new execution takes place almost every day.
In Bosnia and Herzegovina, where global actors and international organizations condoned, Serbs have brutally murdered 250,000 innocent people in the middle of Europe and signed one of the greatest genocides in history.
Also in Myanmar, the Arakan Muslim minority is being dragged into extinction by the brutal policies implemented in every aspect of life.
Every day, including today, Western soldiers are raiding houses and killing innocent civilians in many Muslim countries.
Considering the fact that the decision makers and practitioners of these massacres that bring disgrace on world history are istians, Jews or Buddhists, it is essential to answer the following questions:
Is the Islamic geography all exposed to massacres and genocides declare all istians, Jews or Buddhists as terrorists?
Because of the global actors who have carried out these massacres, is it considered that all Americans, Germans, French or British are terrorists?
Why is the Muslim world always forced to defend itself in every terrorist attacks? Why are Islam and Muslims publicly declared as terrorists and threatened after every single attack? Why does the international media form a perception against Islam and Muslims after such events?
On the other hand, interpreting these attacks as an ''intolerance'' against freedom of thought is also a part of the operation of perception that is desired to be carried out through the Islamic world.
The global actors who exiled the people from their homelands, lead the country to disaster for their own economic profit, killing innocent civilians by bombing their settlements are the main actors of these attacks. From Germany to Sweden, from Denmark to France, from England to Austria in almost every country in Europe mosques were burned. In recent months in Germany under the name of PEGIDA organised a hateful rally against Muslims and Islam. It is not possible to evaluate the process in a healthy way if racist attacks and murders are not taken into consideration, which threaten the life safety of millions of Muslims living in Europe become ordinary because they occur every day. Indeed, the attacks on the mosque immediately after the  attack shows us this.
The Western world must face up to the fundamentalism it created for its own benefits.
                                              PRESS RELEASE / 9 January 2015
         International Center for Watching Violations of Human Rights / Istanbul
Record Date : 11.3.2019
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