In Global Powers Grasp Lebanon
In Global Powers Grasp Lebanon
Lebanon that harbors a variety of religious, ethnic and sectarian groups experienced hard times due to French mandate and then prolonged civil war. Reconstruction process starting in the 90s was interrupted by an assassination which cannot be enlightened so far yet. While on the one hand subjected to imperialist policies of western powers, Lebanon gets its share from terrorizing practices of Israel in the region that incites violence in the Middle East on the other hand. 
Because of fragmented structure of population and belief system it is hard to sustain stability in the country. Besides that various regional happenings from Palestinian question to Iranian Revolution, Gulf War, Arab Spring affect Lebanon directly. Lebanon in the face of the process lasting in Syria that enters its third year has taken a new difficult turn once again.
UHİM committee including Veysel Başar, secretary-general of UHİM and a group of academicians paid a visit to the region in order to observe reflections of this situation, negotiate with the representatives of parties in Lebanon composing of the fragmented structure and find some clues regarding prospective process in the country. During the visit by UHİM committee that was organized between 29 December 2012-2 January 2013, our committee held talks with representatives of Hezbollah, one of the most important organizations both in the region and the country as well as of Muslim and istian men of religion. 
We hope that the report prepared in the light of observations and meeting anecdotes of our committee to shed light on the past and prospective process in Lebanon.
Record Date : 26 - 4 - 2013
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