Historical Report Cards On The Violations Of Civil Rights: Russia
Historical Report Cards On The Violations Of Civil Rights: Russia
Our work titled “Violation Report of Russia” is about violations of Russia within historical process extending from Tsarist period to Soviet and today’s Russia. Russia, which started to have a voice in world politics and gradually transformed into a global actor since the middle of the 16th century, caused death of millions of people with its occupation, genocide and exile policies targeting Muslim geography in a very wide area from Crimea to Central Asia. During this process, Russia caused death of millions of people in total due to its forced exile, assimilation and occupation policies followed on lands that it took control of. Such practices that started in Tsarist Russian period continued also throughout communist regime after Bolshevik Revolution. Especially the harsh policies put into practice during Stalin period caused deep wounds whose closure is not possible.
Russia has continued its aim of taking place in world politics as a determining actor in the period from the end of Cold War and collapse of the Soviet . Firstly the occupation of Chechnya, then annexation of Crimea, policies followed against neighbour countries such as Ukraine and Georgia, stand taken and similar policies in Syrian civil war give an idea about what kind of a way Russia would follow towards the aforementioned aim. 
Our work has a critical perspective on Russia’s world politics. Of course, violations of rights have experienced in every period and every geography. However, the main aim of our works having the main heading of “Violation Reports From Past till Today” is to test the accuracy of expressions of states that have the assertion of being representatives of civilization, peace and freedoms, and have political clout beyond their territories. Thus, we aim to contribute in opening of this neglected area into discussion.
Record Date : 05.02.2016
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