Historical Report Cards On The Violations Of Civil Rights: İsrael
Historical Report Cards On The Violations Of Civil Rights: İsrael
This study is about the violations of Israel which could manage to fit one of the most brutal massacres of human history into its short history that was not even a century old. Israel, which construes its presence by violence, and puts tension and war into the foundation of legitimacy, keeps tension high in the world, and especially in the Middle East. Israel does that by its policies instigating tension against changing world conjuncture. Meanwhile Israel continues its human violations in front of the world, global powers and international organizations ignore them and the way that international media organs, whose great majority is in the hands of Jewish capitalists, reflect the events indicates a serious manipulation and obscuration. You can read from our report the violations of Israel that have not been subjected to any serious sanction until today. But first we will look at the process experienced until now.
Although the “Dark Continent” Africa has rich underground and over ground resources, today, Africa has turned out to be a continent in which many people die of hunger. The reason of that painful and desperate situation is the colonial movements and imperialist attacks of “The West”. Hegemonic power of Global System on political, economic, cultural and military decisions makes the things worst and drive Africa into chaos and thus many people die every year because of hunger, drought, epidemic and human/organ smuggling. İllegal gun and drug trade is very common in politically destabilized African and Asian countries.
With a high production potential, dynamic social structure, rich financial resources and high rate of
youth population, there are some countries that one step beyond these countries many of which were from “Dark Continent” and defined as “The least developed countries” by the international organizations and institutions. These countries are defined as a “Developing countries” by the international organizations and institutions and they are unfortunately exposed to external operations by international organizations and institutions who work for the benefit of global system. The practices of the UN, NATO, ICC, IMF, WB, WTO and Global Companies prepare ground for the permanent poorness for these “The least developed and developing countries”, which has dynamic socio-economic structure. Beside of decreasing the production, restricting the employment and slowing down the investment, political crises that slow down the positive and stable development are put into practice by these organizations. These negative conditions lead to refugee problems and millions of people have to abandon their country in order to live on and earn money. Problems as an occupy, embargo, civil-war, epidemic, poverty and poorness that cause from the practices of global system destroy the living space of the people and they have to go to European countries and they are seen as a second class citizen by the countries in which they live. In addition, they are exposed to racist and discriminatory practices so they have to live on under extremely hard life circumstances. Withdrawing from the colonized countries after the Second World War, The West countries left their position to native dictatorships and signed permanent agreement with them. So they will save their interests on the continent. Global system, which supported dictatorships for years, has been eliminating the dictatorships they control with the process called as an “Arab Spring” and moves with the fear of reshaping bases on the Asia and Africa to control. While making policy, global system abuses and benefits from the concepts like “Democracy”, “Human Rights” and “Freedom”. Beside of benefiting from these concepts, global system abuses media, culture and art, NGOs and international organizations. When Global actors took a risky signals from the countries they immediately target these countries with the “Democracy”, “Human Rights” and “Freedom” notions and dominates the perception of the world agenda.
Undoubtedly, human rights violations can be seen and put into practice in anytime and any geography on the world. While determining the countries in this study, it is preferred to choose the countries that have a dominant effect on the other countries and whose power exceeds their borders. The aim of the study called as a “Violation Reports of Countries from History to Date” is to test the reality of the claims of whether these countries are the representative of the “Peace”, “Civilization” and “Freedoms” or not. It is tried to take the general photo of the history and tried to evaluate the violations that begun with the “Geographical Expeditions” and continued to date. To reveal the real actors of the violations that took place across the world will help us to detect who is guilty and who is innocent. We believe that “Violation Reports of Countries from History to Date” will contribute to the studies ignored at that field. 
Record Date : 9 - 10 - 2014
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