Examination Of Europe With Syrian Refugees
Examination Of Europe With Syrian Refugees
Millions of people needed to leave their house and country since the beginning of civil war in Syria in 2011. The number of refugees has increased as chaos became deeper, and this has created big waves of migration. Syrian refugees turned firstly towards neighbouring countries like Turkey, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon at the beginning of the war. It is guessed that today primarily Turkey, that hosts nearly 3 million Syrians, and the aforementioned countries have more than 5 million Syrian refugees.
Even though Syrian refugees have tried to take refuge in European countries as a new route since 2015, this drift has brought along a painful process. Syrian refugees have faced with problems both during migration journey that caused death of thousands of people and in many areas in European countries to where they could reach after difficult journey conditions. 
Our report titled “Examination of Europe with Syrian Refugees,” deals with problems that Syrian refugees have been exposed to during the process of migration to Europe. In our report, problems that refugees face according to related news taken place in national and international media organs, and especially European media, are listed under 10 different headings. In each heading, news which have high representation power are ed, and thus a ion has been created. 
We hope that our report will provide a new point of view in solution of problems of Syrian refugees.
Record Date : 05.05.2016
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